It is with great sadness that we must announce the closure of Resilience Learning. 

Resilience Learning has been part of a journey which has brought some amazing challenges and experiences alongside more than a fair bit of extreme frustration which we’re sure some of you can understand. We set out to change the perception of health & social care training by providing the most engaging, accurate and clinically sound training. 

By being more than turn up and talk; by being more than just a tick the box exercise to placate the Regulators. 

We delivered our training sessions with honesty, integrity and above all else, the most current evidence to ensure NO-ONE leaving our sessions; either delivered through us or as a freelance service, would harm people in their care. This however hasn’t been popular with certain clients, when the most up to date training and information conflicted with their out of date policies/ people. Doing the right thing has come at too great a cost; professionally, morally and financially so it’s time to be pragmatic and realistic; poor practice in the sector is too great a challenge for one company to tackle. Onwards and upwards to some exciting new challenges.

We'd like to think that we achieved what we set out to do; informing and inspiring staff to do the right thing, the right way always to the benefit of the person they are caring for. 

We would like to thank all our clients who have worked with us over the years, thanks for your business and support. 

Finally, we want to thank the thousands of delegates who have attended Resilience Learning courses over the years. You were the reason for us being there and we hope that you continue to do the right thing, the right way; it’s not easy but it will always be best for the people in your care.